Stefan Schreiber was born in 1968 in Duisburg Germany.
From 1978 to 87 he studied Piano with José Prado at the Niederrhein music school. In 1984 he participated at the 'International Dmitri
Shostakovich Festival' playing early piano cycles by Shostakovich, and in 1987 at the International Festival 'Charles Ives und die
Amerikanische Musik' performing piano and chamber music by Charles Ives.
From 1987-1993 he attended the Robert Schumann College of Music in Düsseldorf where he specialised in Contemporary Music, studying
Piano under Prof. David Levine and conducting under Prof Wolfgang Trommer. 

Whilst at the college his performances included Piano Cycles, Chamber Music and Vocal Compositions by - Arnold Schönberg, Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Egon Wellesz, Stefan Wolpe, Josef Tal and Morton Feldman: the entire work group "Instruments". With various orchestras he performed the Concerto in F by George Gershwin and other Piano Concertos by Paul Hindemith, Aribert Reimann, Dmitri Shostakovich and Igor Stravinsky.

Even before graduating Stefan was engaged at the "Wuppertaler Bühnen" later known as the "Schillertheater NRW" from 1992-1997 where he performed the Chamber Concerto by Alban Berg - Piano Works, Chamber Pieces and Vocal Compositions by Alfred Schnittke: the German Premiere of his "Aphorisms", and he conducted "Fürchtet Euch Nicht" by Pina Bausch with music by Kurt Weill.

From 1997 - 2001 he was Stellvertretender Studentleiter at The Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg where his concerts included:

Piano recitals with compositions by Charles Ives, George Crumb, Fredeic Rzewski and Charles Wuorinen.
Chamber Works by Morton Feldman and a "Collage piece" of works by Erik Satie, Alberto Savinio, Arthur Lourié and Igor Stravinsky
at the Kunstsammlung NRW.

In 2001-06 Stefan was appointed Studienleiter and Assistant to the General Music Director of "Staatsoper Hannover" where he continued his work of bringing to the fore the music of our Contemporary Composers. Concerts included Piano Works and Performances from John Cage and Erik Satie - Piano Works, Vocal Compositions and Performance Pieces by Hespos, Jochen Neurath, Kay Ivo Nowack, Johannes Harneit and NeuNoNeit. 

As pianist and conductor:
During his time at Hannover, Stefan was invited in 2002 to Pfefferberg Berlin by "Activia Neuer Musik" to perform in a piano evening titled
"Versus NeuNoNeit". In 2003 he was asked to conduct a new production of Salome by Richard Strauss at - The National Theatre Belgrad.  Also in 2003 Stefan started performing as actor in "Lieber Nicht. Eine Ausdünnung" by Christoph Marthaler at the Volksbühne Berlin.
He was also Studentleiter for the Festival Klangbogen Vienna and since 2004 he is the pianist for the Sinfonietta Leipzig.

As actor:
2004 Staatsoper Hannover : Al gran sole by Peter Konwitschny
Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin : OhneLebenTod by Anna Viebrock
2005 Staatsoper Hannover : hespos, iOPAL by Anna Viebrock - Turandot by Thomas Bischoff

Since 2006 Stefan Schreiber is Studentleiter at Staatsoper Stuttgart and his projects so far have been:

Zeitoper III : U-Musik.Bunker, composed by Fredrik Zeller
Zeitoper IV : Pilotprojekt Wunderzeichen with works by Mark Andre

Zeitoper V  : Paulinenbrücke, composed by Daniel Ott (upcoming)

In 2007 he performed at the T:me Festival Ghent - "The Last 2 Days of Groundings" by Anna Viebrock.

In 2008 he was invited to Theaterhaus Stuttgart by “sommer08” to conduct a concert with recent compositions by Hans Thomalla.


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